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 the laboratory construction and its complex system, with a multifaceted technical requirements, in addition to the need to provide laboratory furniture, and other systems engineering, include: the ventilation system, pneumatic system, electrical system, water supply and drainage system, design of clean room system, pure water system, management, waste gas, waste water treatment system, fire control system, automatic control system, management system;What we do is to make this a series of complex system that is simple and perfect solution.



Our company is engaged in the design, research and development, production and installation of laboratory field. Mainly includes laboratory overall planning, lab design, lab decorating, lab furniture production, laboratory ventilation system, water system, and so on related all kinds of construction of the system.



The company has developed in the field of Chinese laboratory hardware and equipment, and has been constantly promoting the new products to meet the needs of customers in different industries. Humanized design, high quality material selection, reasonable allocation of products, strict production and marketing management to achieve industry-leading level; And provide professional, safe and fast laboratory technical support services to customers. Our services are equipped with a timely and thoughtful customer service center, professional innovative designers, one-on-one pre-sales and sales engineers, focus on quality production team, meticulous and safe construction team.



At present, the company products have been widely used in institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, food, feed enterprises, metal industry, electronic science and technology company, test certification bodies, petrochemical industry, different fields such as biotechnology, environmental monitoring unit, and to receive many customers in the practical application.



Our design team have enough education background, engineer qualification and design experience for many years, our engineer team always keep the long-term accumulation of knowledge, pay attention to the experience accumulated and design communication.



Design team includes a process engineer, piping engineer, equipment engineer, structural engineers, construction engineers, water supply and drainage engineer, hvac engineer, general layout engineer, cost engineers, instrument engineer, electrical engineer, professional, rich experience in design, complete,




Enterprise tenet/企业宗旨:

People-oriented, all the customer's needs are guides, dedicated service, achievement brand.





The spirit of enterprise/企业精神

Enthusiasm: positive, active, friendly work attitude, happy self, infectious, warm and enthusiastic team is the dynamic team.



Efficient: competition is everywhere, and only fast and efficient service can win the best.



Sincerity: sincere to the customer, sincere in the staff, sincere in the cooperative partner, sincere in the society, can be based on the society, the enterprise can harmonious development.



Innovation: only constant innovation, hard to study new technology, new materials, new technology, new management, new marketing, new services, new ideas can be suitable for the rapid development of the industry.



Enterprise tenet/企业宗旨:

Design concept: limited space, unlimited creativity.



Construction philosophy: carefully and carefully, keep improving.



Service concept: customer first, perfect.



Business philosophy: integrity and reputation first.



Management philosophy: attention to detail, integration of people.



Core /企业核心文化:

Speed: quick response, responding to customer demand in the first place.



Attitude: take a positive, enthusiastic attitude and take a responsible attitude towards everything.



Strength: carefully, put in place, handle each event timely.